Endoscopic Discectomy

The Endoscopic Discectomy is a minimally invasive spinal column surgery that has been developed into an alternative and reliable treatment procedure for a wide range of spinal column disorders. The surgical technique is used especially for a discectomy and for treating herniated discs, or in order to stabilize unstable spinal column segments. With the growing knowledge of the endoscopy and the anatomy of the intra and extra foraminal areas, the determination of orientation points for the working zone around the dorsolateral area of the annulus and the availability of smaller endoscopes, lateral access has become possible. This procedure is used to remove a herniated disc by using a surgical access method that minimizes patient trauma. This allows the removal of the herniated disc tissue completely and it can be directly removed through the foramen. The procedure is used on candidates who have radicular symptoms caused by herniated discs that have not improved by conservative therapy methods. The developed technology of this procedure permits access to practically all spinal disc sequestra and herniations, and therefore also allows for their removal along the complete lumbar spine including L5-S1, regardless of their position. In order to ensure safe access into the spinal canal and avoid irritation of the nerves in the foramen, the codal part of the intervertebral foramen is widened millimeter by millimeter using special reamers. Advantages of this procedure include minimal destabilization, minimal trauma, minimal scarring, and significantly fast recovery. Endoscopic Discectomy is performed in an ambulatory surgery or an outpatient hospital. With instruments of this procedure giving 360 degree all around control and exposure to the spinal herniations, Endoscopic Discectomy will help release pressure of the spinal canal and help patients regain function of daily activities. Untitled-1

With a great team of experts working together to relieve pain caused by herniations in the lumbar spine, this outpatient treatment will leave very little scar tissue and minor wound pain. Endoscopic Discectomy is well suited for patients with heart disease and for older patients as well. The minimally invasive access, which is considered gentle surgery, has a reduced risk of infection as well as undamaged spinal stability. Call us today for your consultation regarding Endoscopic Discectomy and become pain free as soon as possible.