Endoscopic Rhizotomy

Endoscopic Rhizotomy is a procedure used for Facet Joint Denervation to relieve back pain diseases that are wide spread and common diseases among our aging societies. The differential diagnosis of facet joint pain is even more common among other diagnosed back pain causes. The endoscopic access to the facet joints is a minimally invasive method. In one intervention, the cause of pain can be determined by locating the inflamed nerve, followed by the immediate implementation of the required treatment. The use of the endoscopic view can reduce radiation exposure from other real time imaging techniques such as X-Ray or CT scans. This therapy consists of a long term ablation of the nerve fibers generating the pain. There are no additional risks associated with repeating the procedure should pain reoccur. Endoscopic Rhizotomy can benefit those patients that have chronic lower back pain, facet joint hypertrophy, facet joint arthritis, failed back syndrome, sciatica, whiplash syndrome and etc. You can contact us to find out if this procedure is right for you. The advantages of the Endoscopic Rhizotomy include short recovery time and minimal scarring in addition to it being a minimally invasive procedure. Many other advantages of this procedure include high success rates, none or minimal blood loss, and maintained spinal ability.