Other Procedures

Epidural Blood Patch

An epidural lumbar puncture is a common side effect of an epidural block to reduce the pain of childbirth delivery. This can cause a tremendous headache leading to the feeling of nausea when the patient sits up or stands. This side effect from an epidural lumbar puncture can be easily treated quickly with an epidural blood patch. By injecting the patient’s own blood into the epidural space, the blood’s own clotting factors create a patch in the leaking hole and offers immediate relief from the pain.

Peripheral Nerve Blocks

Peripheral nerve blocks can be useful in treating acute pain from a broken or fractured bone, from cancer or disease or in some cases, during surgery. Several techniques are available depending on the case and the patient. Peripheral nerve blocks can be accomplished with the injection of an anesthetic, using radio frequencies or in the cases of patients with terminal cancer, injections to destroy the nerves and their ability to transmit pain signals.

All Joint and Bursa Injections

For patients with pain in their joints caused by bursitis, tendonitis or arthritis, an injection of the steroid cortisone can treat the inflammation which in turn can reduce the pain. Local injections directly into the effected area can cause localized reductions in inflammation and temporary relief from the pain. Such injections are easy to administer and work with minimal side effects. In the cases of bursitis and tendonitis, a cortisone injection to the effected area is sometimes enough to cure the condition.

Occipital Nerve Block

Patients with headaches or neck aches may be treated for pain with an occipital nerve block.To reduce the inflammation around the occipital nerves, which are located on the back of the head above the base of the neck, an injection of steroid or other medication to that area can be the solution. This is a possible treatment for persistent tension headaches, migraines or persistent neck pain. The reduction of the inflammation may lead to reducing or eliminating the pain all together.