The IDET procedure is a minimally invasive treatment in which the physician applies controlled levels of thermal energy (heat) to a broad section of the affected disc wall. Therapy may result in contraction or closure of the disc wall fissures or a reduction in the bulge of the inner disc material. With age, or due to injury, cracks or fissures may develop in the wall of the intervertebral disc. Filled with small nerve endings and blood vessels, these fissures are a chronic source of pain in many patients. Additionally, the inner disc tissue (nucleus) will frequently bulge (herniate) into these fissures in the outer region of the disc, likewise stimulating pain sensors within the disc.

The IDET procedure acts exclusively upon the tissues of the disc itself, and should not be expected to relieve symptoms arising from other spinal structures, such as nerve roots or spinal joints. To diagnose whether an IDET is the right treatment for you, we would begin with an evaluation of the lumbar spine MRI and injections of dye into the disc (discography) to confirm the diagnosis. Once it is determined that one or more discs are the primary source of your lower back pain, we would be able to schedule you for this procedure. The IDET procedure is a minimally invasive procedure and will help restore your daily activities in pursuit of a pain free life.